How I decided to be a Mentalist

optical illusion 5One of my biggest passions is to influence people and inspire them to strive for the stars. I have great faith in human capacities and strongly believe that we don’t use all our capabilities to their fullest. So, I decided to become a mentalist and learn how to read people, so I could help them more, inspire them, encourage them on their way to success!

In this blog I want to record all my steps to becoming a successful mentalist. I am starting this journey today and you’re going with me. Let’s begin!

Step #1 was to google “how to become a mentalist” which gave me quite a few options. I still haven’t read all the information, so it will be my next step, but have covered a lot of it.

The next step was to observe my students during the lessons to see the proof of reading that I’ve done. Our pupils dilate when we think of something positive and they get smaller when we think of something negative. I was looking attentively in the eyes of my students and saw that it was true. When they were excited, talked about something good, their pupils definitely became bigger, and vice verso.

The books said that we need to learn people’s tells which means – their natural behavior in different emotional states. But it’s also important to notice and learn our own tells. So, tomorrow I will be watching myself and other people to notice these things. Another advice was to start looking for details everywhere. That’s my task for tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!


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