How I decided to be a Mentalist – 3

optical illusion 7Have you ever tried to pay attention to the size of people’s pupils? It’s pretty interesting and does show the emotion of a person if you take into consideration the amount of light in the room. On my journey to becoming a Mentalist I am working on my observation skills – trying to pay attention to details (my weakness since I am a big picture person), notice things around me that I’ve never seen before, look closer into people’s eyes. It was an interesting experience which gave me a lot of new and surprising information: “There’s a playground right behind my house? Never noticed it”, “He looked at her when he laughed? Might be interested in her”, “There’s actually a drugstore here? Should remember that” , “His shoelaces are red – that’s an interesting choice, never thought of him being a little out of the box.”

Another thing that I am working on is looking carefully at people’s body language and trying to read it. Sometimes, it’s easy and even obvious, but sometimes the meaning of a pose could be interpreted in several different ways. I was watching my student during our one on one session, and her arms were crossed over her chest almost entire time. Everybody knows that is a closed pose that indicates a person being distant, uninterested or unwilling to open up. Surprisingly, my student was actually very open and was sharing personal information with me. I asked her if she was cold, but she said – no. So, now I am still wondering what that pose might have meant. Any ideas?

The journey continues and there’s still too much to be learned! I am excited!


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