How I decided to be a Mentalist – 4

optical illusion 8How is your self-awareness? Can you say you know yourself very well? I thought so too. High level of emotional intelligence, healthy self-esteem, absolutely aware of my own feelings, flaws, and mistakes. But, in reality, do I know myself that well? Are all my reactions thought through and under control? Am I familiar with each and every message that my body language is delivering? The answer is – no. Most moves and gestures are spontaneous, and poses are natural, which is great – we all should be authentic. However…

I want to be a Mentalist – not a performer, not to show card tricks, but to influence people, inspire them, understand them, persuade them, help them change their lives and eventually make this world a better place.

But first, I need to be a great Observer, and have to start with myself. Recently, I’ve started paying closer attention to my own reactions, poses, body language, and started thinking what each of those actually mean. Fear or embarrassment make me move my hand to my mouth; excitement forces hands hold on to each together; uncertainty or negative opinion about something makes me want to rub my neck at the back; and if I don’t like something, sometimes I will touch my nose.

If I can control my reactions, that would give me more power in conversations. If I can notice other people’s “tells” or natural reactions to certain emotional stimulus, that could help me persuade them.

Observation process continues!


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