How I decided to be a Mentalist – 5

optical illusion 11Another interesting ability of Mentalists is controlling our body with our mind. That is extremely fascinating to me! Not that long ago I started reading a lot about human brain and different abilities that are not generally used although are pretty easy if you start looking into them.

Here’s a tip – next time you experience minor pain, try to control it with your mind. The thing is – our brain gives commands to our body to experience one or another feeling, therefore we can learn how to manipulate our brain and tell ourselves that this is not the pain we’re experiencing, but simply some discomfort.

I am speaking from my own experience. Every time I have my eye-brows plucked – it’s a painful experience. Although a few months ago, I started controlling this pain with my mind. The trick is simple – I imagine that it’s not my skin she is working with but a piece of fabric and it’s detached from my body, therefore I can’t experience pain. And it works. Another example is long distance running. I run marathons and usually there’s a point when all I want to do is lie down on the ground and die. However, as soon as I tell myself – this is ridiculous, you can do it, you’ve done this before; as soon as I convince my mind that I can and want to continue, my mind gives that command to my body.

Here’s an interesting and very practical article about controlling our body.

There’s so much to be told on this matter, but I will continue next time. Try some of these tricks and look for many more.

Our Mind is a powerful tool that God has given us!


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