Yes We Can

icn-seths-headAfter a year and a half of silence I am coming back to blogging and commit to doing it every day, like Seth Godin. His interview with Marie Forleo was incredibly inspiring and encouraged me to get back to writing. We don’t have to create something absolutely unique that would sound like a book or have a special writing style. We can just share our thoughts, ideas, experiences, failures, victories, and they might inspire somebody else to aspire for more in their life. Some people try hard to sound like a book and I am sometimes tempted to do the same, but it is just fake. Like Seth Godin said: “Write like you talk.”  So, there you go, I will start writing like I talk.

Have you read my posts “How I decided to be a Mentalist”? You should, it has a few interesting ideas and revelations. I will be definitely talking more about the greatness and beauty of out brain, amazing abilities we have and don’t use, and how to be smart about becoming a Mentalist.

9184413599_5ad826888a_kFor now, let me tell you one thought that inspired me today when I was running around the lake. A human being is an incredible “machine” that is extremely complicated and has too many capabilities for them to be realized in our lifetime. You might say – we’re not machines. I hear you. We’re humans, we’re personalities and we are all unique. In our majority we have wonderful qualities that are not being used. Our potential is like a chest full of treasure in a deep cave on a forgotten island.  Let’s dig it out, bring it to people and use it for good!!!


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