Is Your Life Telling a Story?

A thought of the day – every person’s life is telling a story. The uniqueness of our experience paints a bright picture with a myriad of emotions. Some stories are full of adventure and thrill, drama and romance; others are more like a philosophical treatise or a historical book.

Have you ever had a desire to write a book? What would you write if you decided to describe your own life story? What genre what it be? I am listening to an audio book called “Wild Swans” by Jung Chang about three generations of women in China. The book fascinated me by its simplicity and at the same time depth. It describes the life of three women and also immerses us into the Chinese culture of the 20th century. It made me wonder what I would tell about myself if I decided to write a book and if anyone would want to read it. What were the most interesting, life changing, inspiring moments? What lessons could I share with others? Do I dare try to do that?

Do you?


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