Still Hate Your Failures? Time to Stop

The thought of the day – Life is wonderful if your expectations are low. Sometimes we set such high expectations that our life can’t meet them even if it trys very hard. We should definitely go for our best goals but be always open to any result, good or bad, because life is an unpredictable thing.

Today we didn’t PR in our marathon – it means we didn’t set our personal record. It frustrated us a lot, but then later, we tried to figure what we did wrong and what could be the lessons for our next marathons. I think it’s the best way to overcome your failure – learn from it and move on.

What is your reaction to failure? Does it deplete you off energy or motivates you to improve?


One thought on “Still Hate Your Failures? Time to Stop

  1. For me failure motivates me to improve. Without failure sometimes we would never see success. From my experience when I’ve faced failure it helped me more than I ever thought it would. Great post I look forward to reading more from you!

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