When Little Things Make You Happy

Do you ever feel that a simple cup of coffee or tea could make you really happy? I can sometimes get excited about something absolutely mundane, like finding a good apple strudel in Germany or buying a scarf with your favorite colors.

Today was one of those days. My friends and I were walking along Frankfurt and caught ourselves thinking: little things can make us very happy. It can be a great meal at the restaurant on the beautiful old square, right outside; or live music that creates an amazing atmosphere; or the sunny and warm weather that you don’t really expect at the end of October. The whole day we were looking for the perfect apple strudel that Germany and Austria are famous for. When we finally found it in the evening at an absolutely unique caffe, it was the best closing of a great day.

Do you ever say to yourself – I am happy here; or – this makes me happy? It’s incredible how many little things can make us happy and how many places bring us this peace of mind and joy that people lack so much in this world. We sometimes pursue big dreams and forget to enjoy little moments of every day that is given to us.

Today is the day when you can start enjoying little things if you’re not doing it yet, and every day of your life has the potential to become special.



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