Danger of Perfectionism

When was the last time you looked at something and said: this is perfect. Doesn’t happen that often, does it? In fact, there’s nothing absolutely perfect in this world. If we search well enough, we will find at least one flaw in everything. Sometimes I can enjoy the sunset and consider it impeccable, but that’s not our prerogative. We are not God! We can’t make things absolutely perfect.

However, we try. And we fail. And this failure ruins our future potential success.

The secret is to understand that it’s not smart (softly speaking) to wait for perfect conditions or perfect time, perfect abilities or ideal circumstances. You may keep working on your project or keep developing your idea and never launch it or use it if you think it’s not perfect. Just think where it will lead you – nowhere, into the land of constant regret and disappointment.

The solution is to launch it, start it, initiate it, post it or present it even if you think it’s not perfect yet. Trust me, the results will be much better than if you haven’t done it at all.


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