My Miracle Morning

Have you ever started something really great and exciting only to give it up a few weeks later? That’s what happens to me pretty often and it happened to my miracle mornings. I read the book by Hal Elrod in spring and was fascinated by the idea to wake up very early to have extra time. I wanted to be able to accomplish more, to pray and meditate, to exercise. And it worked! I loved it! Although, as soon as I had to go on a business trip and my routine broke, I stopped doing my miracle mornings too.

I tried to get back to this habit several times but it worked only for a few days.


You guys will be my accountability partners. I am starting Miracle Mornings again tomorrow! You’re welcome to confront me about it any time. I will try to keep everybody updated, and maybe it will inspire somebody else to create their own morning routine to start building a road to success!

If you’re interested in the book, here’s the link:



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