Are You a Slave to Your Emotions?

There are so many events in our life that could provoke the whole myriad of emotions, good or bad. Do we allow them to take over or try to control them? Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but I think it’s never too late to acquire a wonderful skill called Emotional Intelligence. Yes, I think it’s a skill or an array of skills and they all can be developed if we are motivated enough.

Don’t you get tired of people yelling nervously and irritably at you or next to you? Don’t you ever feel like smacking them? However, you never do that because you have a certain level of Emotional Intelligence and they don’t. They write emotional posts or comments on Facebook and then regret doing that. And you? You read all of that and feel like you’re boiling inside. Then you go to the gym and blow off steam on the treadmill, or you talk to a friend who understands and you start feeling much better.

So, who is the boss of you – your emotions or yourself? Can you hold your tongue or do you often find yourself saying things and then regretting that later?

These are pretty emotional days for the whole world, I would say. Let’s continue being human whatever happens around us. Let’s put the relationships first and our political views second or third. The world is a wonderful place to practice love and generosity, appreciation and gratitude. Don’t waste your precious time in this world on disagreements! It’s not worth it!


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