Should We Dream Big?

Have you ever had a desire to invent something unique and unbelievably useful? Something that would save people’s lives or  make our lives easier and better. I’ve had this desire for a long time but haven’t come even close to inventing or creating anything. Do you think we should drop this kind of thinking and just live our lives like anybody else? Is there any use in trying to achieve something great, always longing for a bigger dream?

If you’re reading this, chances are you have the same feelings and the same aspirations. Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and maybe we can help each other. What would you like to achieve, in which field? Is it the area of your expertise or an absolutely new sphere of interests?

Even though I ask these questions and sometimes do have glimpses of doubts, still I am convinced that dreaming big is wonderful. It gives us a sense of purpose in life and leads us through the obstacles. It inspires us and lights the way when everything seems dark and impossible.

Let’s dream big!



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