Value of Friendship

552367_4401288427013_1158976548_nI strongly believe that every one of my friends is a gift from God! Each relationship is unique, and I value and appreciate them greatly. Do I tell them about it? Not enough.

Think about your friends and try to remember when was the last time you told them how much you love and respect them, how much you value their friendship. Each of them brought something special into your life. It could be encouragement and trust, or criticism and brutal honesty. They might have been your source of inspiration or somebody you can always come to in the moment of pain. Even if this friend seems to always take from you and never give, think harder. I am sure you will find that their input is of a different kind – you learn how to be more generous and compassionate, you develop empathy and patience being in relationship with them. And believe me, these are the qualities that are of great value even in the business world right now.

Appreciate your friends and never doubt that each one of them enriches your existence. Don’t ever dare taking them for granted. Be grateful and go tell them that! These words might be of huge importance for them. And for you as well.



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