Overcome Fear

What is fear, really? “An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.” It’s just an emotion, sometimes strong, sometimes not. Why are we so affected by it? Why do we let it rule our lives and tell us what to do and what not to do?

Fear can be very useful when we need to flee from danger. However, more often it paralyses us when what we really need is to act.

I have recently watched a movie called “Arrival”. It’s about the power of communication and the value of human contact and unity. What struck me the most is the behavior of a woman-scientist.  She was extremely scared, it was obvious, but it didn’t stop her from stepping forward and going into the unknown. As a result of her conquered fear she was able to save humanity from destruction.

In our life and business we face much simpler tasks and dangers. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that our fears have no power to cause destruction. The scale is smaller, of course, but the importance and the aftermath for each of us is huge sometimes.

Are you scared of a new job or a new position? Are you afraid to make that step and finally start a business? Are you horrified that she might say “no” if you ask her out? Overcome your fear and make that next step. Ask for a raise. Change the job. Start a company. Propose. Go on a journey. Take a course. Invest. Live. You’re worth it!


7 Best Winter Activities

“Winter is coming!” – this is the phrase they have been saying in Games of Thrones for 5 seasons and finally “Winter is here!” Well, it’s been here for more than a month already, but I got to write this post only now.

Winter is one of my favorite seasons. Other favorites are spring and summer, but winter is probably the most fun. Christmas and New Year is in winter, my birthday is in winter, and skiing is in winter!

So, let’s start the list:

  1. The very first and most fun activity for me is downhill skiing. Do you like freedom and elegance? Put on a pair of skis and prepare to fly! The excitement of speed and the elegance of flight is what attracts me in this sport.
  2. Some of you will argue with me and say that snowboarding is better. I would just say, it’s also fun but it’s different. Tastes differ, so if you prefer snowboarding, go for it!
  3. In the previous post I talked about running in cold weather. Believe me, it’s much more fun than you might think. It’s challenging and refreshing, and the feeling after the run is incomparable!
  4. Do you like ice-skating? I love it! This is another activity that is beautiful and elegant. It’s like dancing on ice, what can be more graceful?
  5. If you have hills in your town, go sledging with your child or with your friends. I don’t think there’s any age limit for that even though it’s considered for children. We’re all kids in our own way.
  6. Are you fond of fishing? If yes, then it’s the best time for you to go ice-fishing. This is one thing I could never understand, but I know a lot of people love it.
  7. And if you are not that much into outdoors, you can just curl up on a couch with a great book and a cup of hot chocolate. Isn’t that one of the best things about winter? Another variation of this would be a good movie with friends or even by yourself.

The most important aspect of all these activities is that you enjoy them. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it. Life is full of amazing wonderful moments, and we should cherish each one of them.

Victory or Loss – How Can You Know?

What is a victory for you? Sometimes what we think is a win turns out to be a loss. And at the same time, what we consider a loss is actually a wonderful thing and should be perceived as a victory.

There were so many times in my life when something sad and painful led to incredible consequences. We can’t see the future, that’s why our normal reaction to losses is frustration. Although, if we exercise our ability to think a few steps ahead, we could spare ourselves a few moments of anxiety and disappointment.

Not every loss is a loss, and not every win is a win. They might look like that at first, but just wait and see.

Don’t be in a hurry to make conclusions about everything that happens in your life. Every cloud has a silver lining, and hope is a wonderful thing!

The Best Gift That You Can’t Buy

Christmas is already around the corner, and we all are anxiously searching for the best gift for those we love. Sometimes it’s pretty easy to choose, and other times it’s incredibly hard!

Although, there’s one gift that is always desirable but a lot of times the hardest to give. It is impossible to buy, even though some people would try. It’s unbelievably valuable, and at the same time is wasted a lot. It’s TIME!

p18a5845Our time is precious and it can’t be restored. Maybe some day a time machine will be invented and we will be able to go back in time. For now we have to use what we’ve got and use it wisely.

When we give or receive the gift of time, it’s especially important to remember how precious it is. Cherish every moment you spend with the loved ones. Tell them how much you appreciate them and value their time.

And one more thing – don’t waste even one minute of the day. You can never get it back!

Power of Being Thankful

It’s very simple – just be thankful for everything that you have in your life. You might think – well, what’s the point, I AM thankful.

Here’s the deal – next time something bad or stressful happens in your life, stop all your negative thoughts before they destroy you and deliberately start thinking of everything you can be thankful for. You might not feel that way at first, it doesn’t matter, just do it. Start making a list, whether it’s in your head or on a piece of paper. It will distract you from negative thoughts and show how wonderful your life actually is!

There’s great power in being grateful! Let’s tap into it!

Value of Friendship

552367_4401288427013_1158976548_nI strongly believe that every one of my friends is a gift from God! Each relationship is unique, and I value and appreciate them greatly. Do I tell them about it? Not enough.

Think about your friends and try to remember when was the last time you told them how much you love and respect them, how much you value their friendship. Each of them brought something special into your life. It could be encouragement and trust, or criticism and brutal honesty. They might have been your source of inspiration or somebody you can always come to in the moment of pain. Even if this friend seems to always take from you and never give, think harder. I am sure you will find that their input is of a different kind – you learn how to be more generous and compassionate, you develop empathy and patience being in relationship with them. And believe me, these are the qualities that are of great value even in the business world right now.

Appreciate your friends and never doubt that each one of them enriches your existence. Don’t ever dare taking them for granted. Be grateful and go tell them that! These words might be of huge importance for them. And for you as well.


A Glass of Water

waterDo you remember feeling thirsty on a hot day? You had been walking around for hours and hadn’t had a chance to drink even one drop of water. Or maybe, you had been running or working in the sun. And then suddenly, somebody hands you a glass of fresh water! What are your feelings at that moment? You are taking this glass and it feels cold in your hands. When you start drinking, it seems to be the best water in the whole world. How can it be so tasty? It doesn’t feel enough and you make sure there’s not even one little drop of water left in a glass. You drink it all and you feel happy. Everything is right with the world!

We all know this feeling, and it’s not only connected with thirst and water. Sometimes a simple hug or a smile can give you that feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Sometimes, it’s an accomplishment or a long-awaited message from somebody. Maybe, you need a hot shower or a warm blanket? Or maybe, you should finally take off those shoes and walk barefoot for a bit. Remember when spring came and it finally got warm after a long winter? Remember when you saw the face of your baby for the first time?

What is your glass of fresh water? What gives you that feeling of contentment? Remember those moments, big and small. Enjoy and savor them, cherish and be grateful! Our life consists of moments of joy and moments of sadness. Lets focus more on those ones that make our life brighter and make this world a happy place!