Victory or Loss – How Can You Know?

What is a victory for you? Sometimes what we think is a win turns out to be a loss. And at the same time, what we consider a loss is actually a wonderful thing and should be perceived as a victory.

There were so many times in my life when something sad and painful led to incredible consequences. We can’t see the future, that’s why our normal reaction to losses is frustration. Although, if we exercise our ability to think a few steps ahead, we could spare ourselves a few moments of anxiety and disappointment.

Not every loss is a loss, and not every win is a win. They might look like that at first, but just wait and see.

Don’t be in a hurry to make conclusions about everything that happens in your life. Every cloud has a silver lining, and hope is a wonderful thing!


The Best Gift That You Can’t Buy

Christmas is already around the corner, and we all are anxiously searching for the best gift for those we love. Sometimes it’s pretty easy to choose, and other times it’s incredibly hard!

Although, there’s one gift that is always desirable but a lot of times the hardest to give. It is impossible to buy, even though some people would try. It’s unbelievably valuable, and at the same time is wasted a lot. It’s TIME!

p18a5845Our time is precious and it can’t be restored. Maybe some day a time machine will be invented and we will be able to go back in time. For now we have to use what we’ve got and use it wisely.

When we give or receive the gift of time, it’s especially important to remember how precious it is. Cherish every moment you spend with the loved ones. Tell them how much you appreciate them and value their time.

And one more thing – don’t waste even one minute of the day. You can never get it back!

10 Most Alluring Destinations

Some people think that traveling is a luxury for those who have time and money. I disagree! Traveling is a necessity for those who strive for personal growth and development. Would you like to be an interesting conversationalist? Are you a person with big dreams and goals? Broaden your worldview while traveling. Make a list of 10 most fascinating destinations for you. Here’s my list to help you get started. There are some places that I have visited already, and others that are still in my plans.

New York City25-sm

This is probably my favorite city in the world ever since I visited it in April. All my favorite movies and shows were shot there: You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Hitch, Friends, etc. Next year I’m applying for New York City marathon and hope to get in!


This city is definitely a symbol of love and romance for me. It’s not a problem to go there, but I have no desire to do that by myself or with friends. As soon as my future husband gets into the picture, we will experience all the beauty of Paris together.


Italy is definitely one of my favorite countries. I visited it once and was only in the northern part, but I still remember the happy feeling that accompanied me every day while walking down the narrow streets of beautiful towns.

New Zealandau093954

One of my dreams is to visit all The Lord Of The Rings locations. My friends went to New Zealand on their wedding anniversary in 2006, and they can’t stop talking about it ever since. Now, it’s their favorite place in the whole world.


Recently, I have started to teach English to the Chinese students. These are wonderful smart, hardworking people with tender hearts. They made me fall in love with their country before I even went there. The book “Wild Swans” helped in that process too.


In 2011 my whole organization got a gift – a trip to Israel with the best tour guide in the world, Bryan Widbin. We saw the places where Jesus walked with his disciples, had his last supper, was arrested and then questioned. This trip was like nothing I’ve ever done in my life, and I continue being drawn to this country.


I know I should be more specific but it’s so hard to choose just one country in Africa. One of my dreams is to run the Big Five marathon. It’s a tempting challenge to run among the wildlife in South Africa with zebras, giraffes and antelopes and even through lion country.


I adore downhill skiing. In the last several years I haven’t done a lot of it, but before we used to go to Austria for a week every year to ski in the Alps. It’s magnificently beautiful there! Besides, if you’re addicted to skiing, the mountains will never give up on you and will keep calling you back home.


It’s a very intriguing country to me – different from any other place I’ve been to or heard about. It allures me by the level of technology development and the beauty of its nature.



There are several challenging marathons in the world that attract me by the level of their difficulty. The Inca trail marathon to Machu Picchu is one of them. People say it’s incredibly hard, which makes it even more tempting for me.

Now it’s your turn – what places in the world allure you the most? Which destinations would you have on your list?





Value of Friendship

552367_4401288427013_1158976548_nI strongly believe that every one of my friends is a gift from God! Each relationship is unique, and I value and appreciate them greatly. Do I tell them about it? Not enough.

Think about your friends and try to remember when was the last time you told them how much you love and respect them, how much you value their friendship. Each of them brought something special into your life. It could be encouragement and trust, or criticism and brutal honesty. They might have been your source of inspiration or somebody you can always come to in the moment of pain. Even if this friend seems to always take from you and never give, think harder. I am sure you will find that their input is of a different kind – you learn how to be more generous and compassionate, you develop empathy and patience being in relationship with them. And believe me, these are the qualities that are of great value even in the business world right now.

Appreciate your friends and never doubt that each one of them enriches your existence. Don’t ever dare taking them for granted. Be grateful and go tell them that! These words might be of huge importance for them. And for you as well.


Who Is You Friend?

Have you heard a saying: tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are? It’s very true! There’s even an exercise connected with this – write down 5 of your closest friends; then describe their main characteristics. Chances are you have the majority of you friends’ personality traits.

We usually choose people who are like us in one way or another. At the same time, we influence each other over time. So, after being friends for a number of years we become similar in certain ways.

Is it bad? I don’t think so. It’s wonderful to influence each other and learn from one another. It’s amazing that we can understand our friends without saying a word sometimes.

Friendship is a complicated and fascinating thing. Let’s talk about it in more detail tomorrow. See ya!