Travel Away

p18a5347“Why do you travel?”  – I asked my best friend who has been to 54 countries of the world.  “To get new eyes, – she said and quoted Marcel Proust, – ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Maia told me that each trip to a new destination helps her understand herself better. It also results in rediscovering the life and people back home and helps to see them in a new light.

How many countries have YOU visited? Which parts of the world are you yet to see? Our beautiful planet is an incredible gift from the Creator. We live our busy life cramming it with very urgent and important things, but so often we forget to live. You might have so many legitimate excuses not to travel, but all of them will crack and break like shattered glass when faced with powerful reasons:

  1. Travel for personal growth. Every country will reveal something new for you, every person you meet will make your heart a little bigger.
  2. Travel to learn. Each culture is unique and amazingly beautiful, each little place on earth has huge potential to broaden our worldview and expand our knowledge.
  3. Travel for success. Each trip abroad helps you become more interesting as a personality. It gives you edge in negotiations, increases your chances for promotion or for getting a new job.
  4. Travel to help less fortunate. There are so many places in the world that need our help. Go on a mission trip, and it will change your life as well as the lives of those you help!
  5. Travel to capture the beauty. Take your camera on a journey with you and start creating memories. Become an artist without a brush, become a creator of moments and share them with the world.
  6. Travel to make new friends. Each person you encounter on your journey may become a good friend for you. Each friend you make has the potential to bring the whole new world into your life.
  7. Travel to practice the language you’re learning. Need to practice Spanish? Go to Latin America, Spain or Portugal. Would like to become more fluent in English? Great Britain or USA will give you lots of opportunities to dive into the culture and feel the language from within.

Let’s go on a 5-day language tour to New York City with us. You will not only get English classes with the native speaker but will have a chance to immerse into American culture, see the best sights, try awesome food and visit famous places where most popular movies were shot!

New York Language Tour

And remember – if it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse. Not enough money? Stop spending them for unnecessary clothes or stuff. Not enough time? Become more organized, get up earlier to get more things done.

So, now it’s your turn. Make a list of countries you would want to visit in your life. Share with us at least three of them in the comments below. And start planning your trip!



We Need Each Other

The thought of the day – we need people and people need us. We definitely need each other, whether it’s support or sharing our experience or even being criticized and then learning from our mistakes.

The whole process of establishing my business was connected with other people: advisers, investors, partners, helpers, friends and family who supported and inspired by believing in me. Right now I am at a different stage of business development and need people more than ever.

It is such a blessing to have friends who get inspired when you passionately tell them your ideas or describe a new project. It’s an incredible gift to have those who have more experience and can share it with you free of charge.

Our world is built on connections and relationships. We can not survive alone, we need each other!

Cherish those who are close to you, appreciate them and never take them for granted.