How Not To Give Up On Your Goals

25564102680_83844b1d7f_kThe first month of 2018 is coming to an end. Every beginning is exciting and inspiring! We’re full of motivation and hope. We believe we can move mountains, but then life happens. What keeps you from reaching your goals and fulfilling your new year resolutions?
Here’re a few ideas from my own experience how not to give up and stay motivated:
1.  Find a friend who would become your accountability partner. You can meet once or twice a month to share your goals and then report on them.
Last year one of my new friends became a huge blessing for me in this area. She inspires me to stay on track, be more organized and continue moving forward.
2.  Choose one social media to report on your goals to all your friends and followers.
One of my acquaintances decided to report each run on Twitter so that all his followers would keep him accountable. It helped him train for and then run several marathons and half-marathons.
3. Set realistic goals and make sure they’re relevant and important for you a few months later.
Sometimes we set a goal, but then in a few months it seems unimportant. We lose motivation and of course give up on it. Make sure it doesn’t happen with you.
4. Use to keep you accountable.
There’re actually several other websites which operate similarly and have the same purpose. They are set up in such a way, that you have to pay money to a charity or anti-charity if you don’t accomplish your goal by a certain day. In my case it’s It’s been incredibly helpful! I used for four of my goals, and it proved to be exceptionally effective.
These are just a few ideas. I’m sure you have other tips of your own. Please share with me, what do you do to stay motivated? What helps you stay on track and not give up on your goals?

My Miracle Morning

Have you ever started something really great and exciting only to give it up a few weeks later? That’s what happens to me pretty often and it happened to my miracle mornings. I read the book by Hal Elrod in spring and was fascinated by the idea to wake up very early to have extra time. I wanted to be able to accomplish more, to pray and meditate, to exercise. And it worked! I loved it! Although, as soon as I had to go on a business trip and my routine broke, I stopped doing my miracle mornings too.

I tried to get back to this habit several times but it worked only for a few days.


You guys will be my accountability partners. I am starting Miracle Mornings again tomorrow! You’re welcome to confront me about it any time. I will try to keep everybody updated, and maybe it will inspire somebody else to create their own morning routine to start building a road to success!

If you’re interested in the book, here’s the link:


Danger of Perfectionism

When was the last time you looked at something and said: this is perfect. Doesn’t happen that often, does it? In fact, there’s nothing absolutely perfect in this world. If we search well enough, we will find at least one flaw in everything. Sometimes I can enjoy the sunset and consider it impeccable, but that’s not our prerogative. We are not God! We can’t make things absolutely perfect.

However, we try. And we fail. And this failure ruins our future potential success.

The secret is to understand that it’s not smart (softly speaking) to wait for perfect conditions or perfect time, perfect abilities or ideal circumstances. You may keep working on your project or keep developing your idea and never launch it or use it if you think it’s not perfect. Just think where it will lead you – nowhere, into the land of constant regret and disappointment.

The solution is to launch it, start it, initiate it, post it or present it even if you think it’s not perfect yet. Trust me, the results will be much better than if you haven’t done it at all.

Good Planning, Bad Planning

What’s your relationship with making lists and plans? Do you enjoy or dread that? Are you a spontaneous flexible person that never bothers with thinking too much ahead or a really organized one never deviating from a plan?

I love planning but recently I started noticing that I acquired a bad habit – waiting till the last minute to complete the task. What prevents me from starting it earlier and finishing in time? Nothing, busyness, excuses, sometimes laziness and just bad planning.

So, my new decision today – start executing my plans earlier without waiting for the last day or week! Going on a trip? Start planning it ahead of time, buying tickets early to save money; pack two-three days ahead; finish all business before the trip but not a few hours before leaving for the airport. Need to create an online course? Stop procrastinating and get down to it! Soon it will be that last minute and I will be rushing and scolding myself for not having been doing it earlier.

My Life is impossible without planning, but I am not a good planner. Like my Grandma said – We live and learn all our lives! It’s time to learn how to be good at that.