Still Hate Your Failures? Time to Stop

The thought of the day – Life is wonderful if your expectations are low. Sometimes we set such high expectations that our life can’t meet them even if it trys very hard. We should definitely go for our best goals but be always open to any result, good or bad, because life is an unpredictable thing.

Today we didn’t PR in our marathon – it means we didn’t set our personal record. It frustrated us a lot, but then later, we tried to figure what we did wrong and what could be the lessons for our next marathons. I think it’s the best way to overcome your failure – learn from it and move on.

What is your reaction to failure? Does it deplete you off energy or motivates you to improve?


Workaholics Unanimous

My friend and I are marathon runners and right now we’re in Germany getting ready to run the Frankfurt marathon tomorrow morning. Usually we try to save our legs and not walk around too much the day before the race. When today we were sitting at the hotel lobbie waiting for my friend’s husband, she suddenly said: “It feels so weird to just sit like this doing nothing, not working on anything.”

Usually every moment of our lives is scheduled, every day is full of events and meetings, classes and tasks. Isn’t it sad? We even feel a little guilty if we don’t do anything productive for 5 minutes.

Today we had no choice because we’re in a foreign country and the routine is totally different. It felt strange but at the same time wonderful to just relax and not think about our everyday to-do lists.

So, tell me, are you proud to be a workaholic? Do you ever feel like bragging about it concealing it with false humility? A lot of times people say: “I am such a workaholic, i  should really do something about it. I have no time for…” You can fill in the blanks. In reality we are a bit proud of that but in fact we should feel sorry for ourselves. That is a miserable life when you have no time for a cup of coffee with friends.

Today we made a decision to always try and deliberately plan our down time. The goal of it is to give our brain a rest and let it recharge. The big purpose of it is to live a full life and not a miserable existence of a workaholic.

Inspiration source

When do you get your best ideas? In the shower? On a run? While falling asleep or listening to your favorite speakers? I would say these are all my sources of inspiration, and it’s even hard to rate them and say which one is the best.

Sometimes, my ideas start flowing in when I relax in bed and right before drowsing off. I guess, that’s when our brain is in a defused mode and can generate most ideas, according to Barbara Oakley and her Mind for Numbers book.

Another awesome way to get creative is to go for a run. When we’re running, our brain receives more oxygen and can create more neuron connections and generate more ideas. Exercise is also another way for us to get into a defused mode. We focus on a problem or a challenge for a while right before we go out, then leave everything as it is, go to the gym or for a run and let our brain do the work. You will be surprised what an amazing creation our brain is. It will start producing solutions while you’re relaxed or distracted or focused on something else.

What are your sources of inspiration? What helps you get more creative and find your best ideas or solutions?