A Glass of Water

waterDo you remember feeling thirsty on a hot day? You had been walking around for hours and hadn’t had a chance to drink even one drop of water. Or maybe, you had been running or working in the sun. And then suddenly, somebody hands you a glass of fresh water! What are your feelings at that moment? You are taking this glass and it feels cold in your hands. When you start drinking, it seems to be the best water in the whole world. How can it be so tasty? It doesn’t feel enough and you make sure there’s not even one little drop of water left in a glass. You drink it all and you feel happy. Everything is right with the world!

We all know this feeling, and it’s not only connected with thirst and water. Sometimes a simple hug or a smile can give you that feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Sometimes, it’s an accomplishment or a long-awaited message from somebody. Maybe, you need a hot shower or a warm blanket? Or maybe, you should finally take off those shoes and walk barefoot for a bit. Remember when spring came and it finally got warm after a long winter? Remember when you saw the face of your baby for the first time?

What is your glass of fresh water? What gives you that feeling of contentment? Remember those moments, big and small. Enjoy and savor them, cherish and be grateful! Our life consists of moments of joy and moments of sadness. Lets focus more on those ones that make our life brighter and make this world a happy place!